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Chris Rowlands

Founder/Managing Director, Global Tradelink 365

Fifteen years ago Chris established the Australian freight management company, JSCC Management. His dedication to customer service, risk management procedures, plus informing clients of their responsibilities under Heavy Vehicle Transport Laws has cemented its success and lead to its expansion into the UK market.

However, Chris wanted to do more and go further; so a couple of years ago, Chris and his team established Global Tradelink 365, a unique concept designed to make it easier for buyers and sellers to come together without the expense.

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Ken Aitken

Director, Global Tradelink 365
CEO of IFS Group of Companies

Ken AitkenKen Aitken has been a serial entrepreneur since his early 20's. Having built and sold an accountancy consultancy company in London, he moved to Australia from his native UK some 25 years ago. He has been extensively involved in the logistics industry with the likes of TNT and then starting and building a 3PL operation in Sydney managing some of the most iconic Australian brands.

Early in 1999, Ken, along with a colleague, started IFS SmartFreight, to give shippers a single software platform that they could use to ship freight with any freight carrier of their choosing. SmartFreight is now the dominant freight system used by 1000's of companies in numerous countries across the world and annually manages over AUD$450m of which equates to some 55 million items of freight shipped by its users. Ken and SmartFreight have been a seven times winner of the prestigious Australian Business Awards, winning for example Product Excellence, Product Value and Best Software to name a few. Ken is an enthusiastic supporter of Global Tradelink 365 since its inception and brings to the table over 25 years of supply chain knowledge and expertise.

"When Chris Rowlands first approached me with the concept of Global Tradelink 365, I was both intrigued and excited to become part of what I believe is a game-changer for companies looking to trade internationally. The huge expansion of the global marketplace over the last few years, has encouraged other more traditional businesses to look overseas, in some cases for the first time, for additional growth.

Exporting products to another country can be a daunting path especially without a strong team working beside you to open up and service new markets. Global Tradelink 365 is designed to do just that, help you find markets, assist you find suitable Distributors and appropriate paths to market and once established deliver well defined and cost effective export shipping solutions.

The key to managing this process has always been transparency and visibility across the supply chain and the strides that have been made in logistics software over the last few years now make this a painless process. We at SmartFreight®, which is at the forefront of supply chain technology revolution, are very honoured to be associated with Global Tradelink 365."

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Patrick Battersby

Non-Executive Director, Global Tradelink 365
Director Davies Battersby Solicitors

Patrick graduated with a BA/LLB from Auckland University in 1983 and worked as a barrister/solicitor in Auckland. Moving to London in 1988 he commenced work as a shipping lawyer with an established city law practice. He joined Hewett & Co Solicitors in 1993 and became a partner in their shipping law team. Patrick established a branch office for Romanian shipping work in 1994. He set up Davies Battersby Solicitors that same year with his existing business partner Guy Davies. Davies Battersby continues as a successful shipping practice today.

Patrick continues to specialise in shipping law, dispensing competent advice to clients world wide. This advice includes all aspects of shipping, from through transport bills of lading for NVOCCs/freight forwarders, resolving their commercial issues, and also advising on their commercial terms of business whether it be domestically in the UK on BIFA or RHA terms or internationally.

Patrick brings these skills to Global Tradelink 365.

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Adrian Osborne

National Development Manager/New Business and Resources, Global Tradelink 365, Australia

Adrian OsborneWith supply chain logistics in his blood, Adrian was the perfect choice for this critical role. His experience includes many years as Victorian State Manager for Simon National Carriers and later, National Business Development Manager for JSCC Management Australia.

His experience, expertise and infectious drive and enthusiasm are perfectly suited to the philosophy of Global Tradelink 365.

"Already, the opportunities that GTL365 will provide (and have provided) are staggering. The sheer volume of global freight to and from GTL365 offices and agents makes the entire opportunity considerable enough for us to commit significant resources to ensure success."

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Tina Thompson

New Business Manager, Global Tradelink 365, United Kingdom

Tina ThompsonTina's enthusiasm, professionalism and positive outlooks are an inspiration.

"My favourite word is YES" she says with a big smile. "YES, we do offer a totally FREE service to customers wanting to open up new export markets. YES, we do have THREE routes to Global markets and YES, we put our small manufacturers and big companies in touch with alternate markets. Can we put you in touch with distributors around the globe? YES! And are we ready to go when you are? Definitely YES!"

With twenty years’ experience in sales, managing a team and delivering excellent results to her clients, Tina is well credentialed and already creating very positive impressions with all who call her at Global Tradelink 365.

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Stephen Rowlands

New Sales and Partnerships Global Tradelink 365, Australia

Stephen RowlandsFor the past couple of years, Stephen has helped create the unique business model that Global Tradelink 365 is built on. His involvement in the due diligence process has put him in contact with a broad range of suppliers who will benefit from this revolutionary business model. The potential for international trade is being turned on its head and he is proud to be at the forefront of this innovation.

Stephen's role at Global Tradelink 365 is to find key suppliers and support them as they expand into new markets. He brings to the team: a natural flair for organisation; attention to detail; and a commitment to customer service. Prior to joining the team, Stephen worked with our sister company JSCC Management, with this experience he brings a wealth of understanding of the freight industry.

"Not only do I share the same family name as Chris, but I also have the same passion, dedication and love of the business."

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Sophie Prout

New Client and Acquisition Manager, Global Tradelink 365, United Kingdom

Sophie ProutSophie's role in GTL365 is pivotal. She is the link between our customers in the UK and the Australian market place. Her proven experience in sales is helping her open doors to buyers and sellers in both Australia and the UK.

Sophie's friendly telephone manner ensures that she quickly speaks with decision makers. And her honest and intelligent approach ensures that the right people are brought together quickly and efficiently.

Her passion for great customer service, understanding of the market and ambition are a great mix as they pull our customers closer to their goals.

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Carole Harris

Business Development Executive, Global Tradelink 365, United Kingdom

Carole is responsible for generating new business and sales.

Carole researches and connects new customers with GTL365: customers that need a new market for their products or products for their market.

She has a "can do" attitude and approaches her role with a passion and drive that sees her go the extra mile for every customer.

Carole offers proven sales experience, is a strong communicator and a skilled networker.

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John-Ray Boukarim

Agent Distributor, Global Tradelink 365, Australia John-Boukarim

John-Ray is an Australian-based Agent/Distributor for GTL365.

John-Ray is has always had a desire to implement his ideas in to reality. When he believed he could achieve something, he would set personal goals in order to grasp them.

As early as 12 years old John-Ray visioned himself running his own business, which lead him in to starting a car wash business where he would travel to the customer's house to wash their car.

By 13 years old John-Ray was a part of the NSW Olympic Weightlifting team placing 1st at the national competition. Through hard training and discipline, John-Ray was expected to bring home gold for Australia at the Jnr Commonwealth Games in Pune India however had to end his career at 15 years old due to an injury.

John-Ray continued with his ambitious ways in 2013 and went on to work for Commonwealth Bank in a customer service role, later progressing on to a financial hardship role. Being driven, John-Ray also came up with an idea once again to establish his own business selling home-made food from various locations out of a stall at farmers markets. This business grew so rapidly that he needed to leave his Commonwealth Bank role in order to expand his business in the markets.

In 2016 John-Ray joined the GTL365 team and has implemented his customer service and entrepreneurial experience assisting in the expansion of GTL365 to help enable growth in the trading market.

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Julie Cook

Julie Cook GTL365

Agent, Global Tradelink 365, Middle East


Julie Cook is a serial Entrepreneur. Having taken 3 successful businesses to market over a 25 year period she is able to use her experience to build relationships and make things happen. Now based in Bahrain she is perfectly poised to work within the UAE as an agent for GTL365.

The longstanding relationship with JSCC has ensured that she has watched Global Tradelink 365 develop and come to life. Being involved in the strategy ensures that her core values are in alignment with the exciting offer that GT365 brings to the market place.

Her areas of expertise are in leadership and management, business development with a true passion for sales and marketing strategic planning. Her entrepreneurship in spotting gaps and delivering will add the growth in the UAE and bring value to Global Tradelink 365.[/team_text][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/4" css=".vc_custom_1443586268579{background-color: rgba(0,125,60,0.12) !important;*background-color: rgb(0,125,60) !important;}"][vc_column_text]


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