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With a established networks in place, we can define more market opportunities; we can do it faster than an individual and we can direct you on the best course of action. Once your homework is done we will transport your goods, reliably and safely. We don't charge for preliminary groundwork, saving you money and you also continue on your exporting journey with increased confidence knowing all the i's are dotted.

Market Viability Testing - a free service


Going to the expense of getting your product/service to the other side of the world, only to find it's a fizzer ... is heartbreaking and expensive.

Our team of marketers will test the viability of your product/service in the new market then inform you of its prospects and any potential problems. They will also provide the best route to market.

Export Compliance - a free service


Once we have identified the best market for you product /service, we make sure that your product/service is ready to launch.

Our team maintains knowledge of local laws, copyright laws, trademark laws and regulations around the world.

Freight & Transport


While this service is not free, we can promise you a quality service and peace of mind at a realistic price through JSCC Management, our sister company. It is all part of our seamless service - leave it to us.

We'll organise the transport, appropriate insurance and compliance.

JSCC Management is a trusted and respected international freight management company. Good people to have on your side. We have negotiated volume based competitive rates which we pass on to you.

GTL 365 Routes to Market

Getting your product to its destination is only part of the equation. Determining the best route to market for your product in an increasingly competitive field ... that's the hard part. At Global Tradelink 365, we have established some effective distribution models, designed to launch your product in the export arena. (For more details see Distribution Channels).

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