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Surviving the Hard Yards


Getting your product to its destination is only part of the equation. Determining how to launch it, how to attract attention and how to close the deal and get paid ... that's the hard part.

Our team of researchers on the ground in your export country are ready to find out if your product has 'legs' in that country. And if the answer is 'yes', then they identify what the best channel to market is.

Distribution Channels

No two products/services are ever the same, so the 'one size fits all' approach simply cannot promise success. For small producers who think big, our marketing teams has found that face-to-face marketing reaps the best rewards. Business markets engage totally different dynamics and then for those exceptional 'hard to categorise' products, we believe in tailoring the channel to suit.

Two Hands

Two Hands is our Party Plan brand - Party Plan sales has evolved into a desirable and successful group selling technique that's on the rise around the globe. Our sales professionals are using this area of growth to establish sales success.

B2B Selling


We understand the complexities that set business-to-business strategies apart from consumer marketing.

Our professional marketers can pinpoint the right business target for your product /service.

A More Innovative Approach


When we come across such a product that's beyond the traditional avenues of promotion, we relish the chance to design innovative, creative solutions to see your product/service dominate in its new market.

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