Flexible enforcement of VGM rule comes as a relief to supply chain

The International Maritime Organization’s (IMO’s) call for leniency in enforcement of the verified gross mass (VGM) rule after 1 July contradicts the carrier and terminal message of “no VGM, no load”, but it brings much-needed relief to parties struggling to prepare for the regulation’s implementation. A lack of consistency in the interpretation by authorities around […]

Chinese cargo agents complain of shipper-carrier VGM squeeze

Cargo agents in China, who handle a huge amount of containers exported from the country, are being caught between shippers unwilling to pay verified gross mass (VGM) weighing charges and carriers who will not load boxes without the weight data. From 1 July, in accordance with an amendment to the International Maritime Organization’s Safety of […]

Container shipping industry prepares for new VGM rule

There is a flurry of last-minute reports, instructions, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the verified gross mass container weight regulations as the industry gets ready for the rule that will be imposed globally on 1 July. Most of the communications are from the various parties in the container supply chain, offering guidance and clarity […]

Sustainability Goals in the Supply Chain

More companies have moved beyond paying lip service to sustainability to embracing it and tracking its return on investment. Why are more companies embracing the principle of sustainability? What prompted them to move from merely paying it lip service as something ‘nice to do’ to formulating new accounting line items to track its return on […]