In 2016 GTL365 customers can calculate and offset the CO2 footprint of freight shipments to become carbon neutral across the supply chain

OK, so Christmas 2015 is upon us

Done all the shopping or still waiting to the last minute?

Apparently a recent survey worked out that women by 15th Dec have 90% of gifts already bought, men on the other hand will always leave it to 24th Dec and then call their partner to work out what they need to buy and for who!

Anyway we at GTL365 would like to take this moment to wish and you loved ones a great festive season and an awesome New Year.

An yes, even if you have forgotten that special present for Great Aunt Bessie, there is something under the tree for her.

THE PARIS AGREEMENT, monumental for the planet. A truly historical moment in time.

The aim, to reduce CO2 output so that global temperature will not increase by more than 2 degrees in the next 10 years.

Never before have so many countries agreed on one outcome. Simple facts (50% of the Australian Great Barrier Reef has died since 1985, another 25% will die by 2021), people pressure (never before has a political summit had so much external input) and media awareness from major personalities i.e. ex US Vice President, Al Gore.

Regardless of what has caused this change of political sentiment, the result is that the present under the Christmas Tree that you did not buy is the best one possible you can give to your children  A future for the planet (a 2% increase in global warmth will put 9% of Pacific Rim Islands under water by 2020).

Now I hear you ask if I didn't buy this present for my kids how can I make sure they enjoy it and contribute to its success?

Well GTL365 and their chosen software partner SmartFreight® plans to deliver this to you as an option in Qtr 2 of 2016.

You will be able for the first time with a Global Transport Management System, in conjunction with a world reputed university research team, not only calculate and report on the CO2 footprint of your freight shipments but also offset them to become truly carbon-neutral across your Supply Chain.

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By Mr Ken Aitkin Director, Global Tradelink 365; CEO of IFS Group of Companies