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For most people international trade belongs in the Too HardĀ basket. International trade was once divided into Importers, Exporters, and Freight Movers; navigating your way through multiple points of contact, trying to source answers for a gazillion questions regarding international regulations, market potential etc has always been complex and these days it seems to be getting even harder.

Add to that the effort to find buyers and sellers for your product or service in a foreign market, and the challenges continue to grow.

Not anymore. Global Tradelink 365 has a solution whether you are a small producer wanting to become larger or already at the larger end of town.

Many Services; One Point of Contact

Global Tradelink 365 has been established to simplify international trade experiences by giving you a single point of contact and support for all areas. The result is a seamless approach to:

  • Importing Goods
  • Exporting Goods
  • Supply Chain Logistics
  • Product Sourcing
  • Compliance Management
  • Market Viability Testing
  • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Distribution.

Establishing Your Market - The Real Winner


Some opportunities we come across are too good to pass up so we'll offer to distribute them for you.

Alternatively we have our GTL365 Routes to Market, an effective way of bringing you together with buyers and sellers around the world.

Product Sourcing

Our team also specialises in sourcing products. This skill is used by manufacturers and retailers to locate and negotiate deals on hard to find or niche products.

Not Much Comes FREE Anymore

gtl365-page-images-00aLet's get to the point, Global Tradelink 365 will spend its own resources to help you find a global market for your product or service (a FREE service). If we are successful in finding a buyer we will manage the export/import compliance (a FREE service).

In return we simply require you to use our sister company JSCC Management to transport your goods. Of course if we are acting as a distributor we will take a competitive margin here. This is an upfront competitive transaction - with no hidden surprises.

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In Our Opinion

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